I forgot my password and e-mail too... And now I am compelled to write under

other name. But it doesn't matter.

In Moscow late night. A wind strong, but warm and fragrant.

It carries aroma of a blossoming linden. And I involuntarily recollect,

that today has already come on July, 9th, 2008.

This day senora de Simoes it would be 65 years old.

It does not happen. She is for ever remained 27 years old.

At each of us something is connected deeply personal with the fact

existence This Psychedelic Goddess.

Goddesses die too.

Sometimes they tragically perish. Untimely and tormentfully.

I would like, that all who worries this pain, a pain for

this Person,

the pain forever stay inside us... Let us recollected Her.

The cult Russian bard and the poet who also was tragically lost aged of 27th years, Alexander Bashlachev, has told once upon,that souls in Heavens are held by energy of memory this people,who loved this dead person...

Let agnostics and religious people differently understand this saying... But Memory is everything, that at us remains about She.

Any relics - films, things, images, publications in magazines, -

it is the same Memory.

So we will remember Her. To remember always is too

painfully. It is clear. But at those who really loves Her, -

there is no other destiny.


Nikita Serebriakov, Russia, Moscow.


I wish to tell once again words of gratitude Amy Brown.

I am a happy member of this site (soledadmiranda.com).

I am amazed till now, how many documents about Soledad have collected Amy,

what giant science research work

she has spent. I do not know, that I would do without this site

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